C C Consultants: An Overview

photo of McCormack & BlairAs C C Consultants, Professors John G. Blair & Jerusha McCormack are available for consultations with individuals or institutions that plan to develop their relations with China. They are ready to respond to a broad range of comparative-culture questions, including those from academics or other professionals. For example, many teachers compare cultural practices from time to time, but something more becomes possible when comparisons become systematic.

These co-authors teach comparative culture studies involving China and the West. They give joint lectures and work with teachers to develop and deliver comparative courses on China and in the West. Their works are published in both China and the West.  Comparing Civilizations: China and the West (CCCW, 2018) is their updated sourcebook, published by Fudan University Press in 2018. A somewhat earlier edition with the same title but next-to-last contents appeared in New York in 2013 from Global Scholarly Publications.

Their interpretive book to help Western readers understand Chinese ways of thinking is entitled Thinking through China, published in 2015 in the USA by Rowman & Littlefield.

They have served as officers of the International Association for Comparative Study of China and the West (IACSCW), whose first conference took place in July 2013 at Peking University. Its journal Comparative Studies of China and the West appeared the follwing year.