About Us: Professors John G. Blair & Jerusha McCormack

These two scholars come to comparative culture studies from thirty years of university teaching in European English Departments where they both published several books and numerous scholarly articles in their original fields of 19th/20th century American and Anglo-Irish literature and culture.

As young American Ph.D.s, they transferred their lives and careers to Europe. Immigrants learn to attend to cultures and comparisons. There are many invisible rules one is liable to violate unknowingly. Their current work in comparative culture studies is rooted in this life experience.

They have lectured widely in Europe, the USA, and China, with occasional appearances in Africa (John G. Blair) and Japan (Jerusha McCormack).

John Blair began focusing comparative attention on China after his first teaching assignment there in 1988. Jerusha McCormack joined this project in 2004 when she herself began teaching at Beijing Foreign Studies University.

For details, consult a condensed curriculum vitae for each one on the following pages.