Comparing Civilizations: China and the West, GSP Edition, 2010

CCCW book cover

This book contains 604 pages plus CD-ROM with 1680 pages of supporting materials in PDF.

Comparing Civilizations: China and the West by Global Scholarly Publications ISBN 1-59267-136-5

Thus is the 2013 US edition by Global Scholarly Publications of our sourcebook based on Western Civilization with Chinese Comparisons, 3rd edition. It has been expertly reedited under the direction of Peimin Ni, a graduate of Fudan University in Shanghai and now Professor of Philosophy at Grand Valley State University in Michigan. He has recently retired as President of the Association for Comparative and Chinese Philosophy.

This edition, due to space limitations does not contain on printed pages the text of Chinese originals; however these remain accessible on the CD-ROM, along with the main readings plus another thousand pages of supporting materials.