Contact: C C Consultants


Professors Blair and McCormack are often traveling, so email is their preferred means of contact.

Book sales

  • Comparing Civilizations: China and the West [CCCW]
    • Fourth Edition, Shanghai: Fudan University Press, 2018
    • ISBN 978-7-309-13810-8
  • Comparing Civilizations: China and the West
    • Third Edition, New York: Global Scholarly Publications, 2013, $45.
    • under the editorship of Prof. Peimin Ni.
    • ISBN 978-1-59267-136-6
  • Thinking through China
    • Rowman & Littlefield, 2015. ISBN 978-1-4422-4792-5
    • Paperbound, hardbound or ebook
    • Available on


Individuals going to China to lecture or to do business are invited to contact C C Consultants to arrange a briefing on how best to prepare for such an experience. Working in China is quite unlike working in the Western world, but any skilled person can learn how to do it successfully.  Knowing what one is likely to encounter is inherently useful and can avert substantial unhappiness for all involved.

Lectures or courses comparing China and the West

The co-authors are available for joint lectures, once off or in a series; fees are negotiable in advance. Please email Professors Blair and McCormack to make arrangements.